AIR:RUN 2020 is postponed to Sunday 25th October

Dear Runners,

For reasons you are all aware of and (without a doubt) are affecting you all personally, it is with real sadness and disappointment we announce AIR:RUN (10K, half 5K and Family Mile), originally scheduled for 31st May, will be postponed to Sunday 25th October 2020. 

Globally this is a distressing time for everyone and our events industry is being affected hard. Knowing we are one of many races having to cancel or postpone has greatened the burden of this decision, but the welfare of our community, runners, staff and volunteers is our utmost priority. We cannot guarantee the health and safety by going ahead in May with predictions as alarming as they are.

Acting now to postpone AIR, we hope will allow you to rearrange your running plans, travel arrangements and have something to work to, albeit later than planned.

All our runners will automatically transfer to this new date (25th October) and for those that this date does not work, we will allow a transfer of entry into the Richmond RUNFEST 2020, defer into AIR:RUN 2021 or run the Virtual AIR:RUN (see all options below). There's no rush on this, you have a month to think your options through and make the best decision for you.

After 7 years of building Richmond RUNFEST we couldn’t have been more excited when the opportunity for an event in Richmond Park came. We’ve worked incredibly hard to create a brand new concept and unique experience for our runners, so no one is as gutted as we are to start this new event so negatively.

To help you get past these blues our partners Eastnine are donating 3 months of free training on their coaching app so when you’re running solo, or need advice on stretches the Eastnine coaches will be right there to help you stay race fit, motivated and ready for the re-scheduled race. Click here to download the app and free trial.

From all of us (Tom, Jade and Sarah), thank you for supporting us in AIR and thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.

Best wishes,

The AIR:RUN Team


Next Steps

If you can make the new date of 25th October then DO NOTHING. Your race place will automatically roll onto this date.

If you can't make 25th October you have three options:

  1. Transfer your place into any of the Richmond RUNFEST 2020 events and pay the difference (if the event is more than you paid).
  2. Defer(rollover) your entry to next years AIR:RUN in May 2021.
  3. Our Virtual Run where you can complete the distance anywhere. Send proof of this and you will be posted a medal and t-shirt as your reward.

For options 1, 2 and 3 please email by Monday 15th April with your name, the email you registered with and your preferred option. We will work through your emails as quickly possible but please bear with us during this busy time.

If none of the above options are suitable then drop us an email and we will offer you a full refund.


A Final Note From Us

Our new aim is to turn this situation into a positive and in October we will deliver an event that's worth the wait! Until then...

Keep running, keep smiling and don't give up!

Tom, Jade & Sarah x


Available immediately

Timothy James & Partners are returning to Richmond Park to support inaugural AIR:RUN

AIR:RUN are pleased to announce London-based independent financial adviser Timothy James & Partners as it’s event partner for the inaugural AIR:RUN and title partner for the ‘Timothy James & Partners London 5K’ and ‘Timothy James Partners London Family 1 Mile’.

Taking place on Sunday 31st May 2020 on closed roads in Richmond Park, South-West London, the AIR:RUN consists of a 10k and Half Marathon and now a 5K and 1 mile family run. The event will be packed with children’s entertainment, live music, and delicious food and drink vendors for all participants and families in the beautiful Richmond Park.

AIR stands for Audio Inspired Running with runners encouraged to wear headphones and receive a tour guide and motivation tips as they run around the fully road closed 10K and Half Marathon course. Music is close to the events heart with a fun community music after-party planned for after the run.

Timothy James & Partners founder, Tim Whiting said: “Richmond Park provided us with the perfect location for the Timothy James & Partners London 10 Mile. The atmosphere in the park was fantastic. We had such positive feedback from our clients and their families who attended previously that we are thrilled to be returning to the Royal Park again, and supporting AIR:RUN at this fantastic family-friendly running event.”

Tom Bedford, Race Director said: “We’re delighted to be working with Timothy James & Partners on the AIR:RUN event. We have been working hard to find the right partner to support our 5K and family event. After the success of the previous TJP London 10 Mile event in Richmond Park, we are happy to welcome Timothy James & Partners to help us deliver what is going to be a fantastic day out for thousands of runners and their friends and family.”

To register for the TJP 5K and Family Mile please visit

Or register for the AIR:10K and Half Marathon please visit

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AIR:RUN is a brand new 10k and Half-Marathon taking place on 31st May on fully closed roads inside Richmond Park. AIR stands for Audio Inspired Running. What makes AIR:RUN different to most other races is that they have chosen to “Beat the Ban” and actually allow headphones to be worn in the race for those who enjoy running to music.

The AIR:RUN app will provide runners with:

•          Technical information about the course as they run

•          Interesting facts about Richmond Park.  

•          Encouragement and motivation throughout the race.

•          A curated music playlist to enhance performance, coupled with their own music selections.

For more information visit:

Timothy James & Partners are one of the top firms in the country for providing independent financial advice. Founded in 1995 by Tim Whiting, they provide bespoke professional services based on old-fashioned values. Working on a referral basis only, the consultants genuinely want to get to know you and form relationships that make you feel valued. Services offered include; Pension & retirement provision, Inheritance tax planning, Mortgages, Corporate Finance. Based in London’s West End, they specialise in looking after self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs and those of independent means. 

Embargoed Saturday 22nd February 7:00am

Could Listening to This Song to make You Run 5% Faster?

-  New running event, AIR:RUN, collaborate with The Running Channel and Professor Costas Karageorghis to create the ultimate performance-enhancing running song.

-  The right music can improve one’s endurance and reduce perceived exertion by 8-12%

-  The song Run With Me has been created using Professor Karageorghis’ research

It was due to the audio/musical nature of the brand new running event, AIR:RUN (a fully road- closed audio-inspired 10k and Half Marathon inside Richmond Park, 31st May, 2020), that brought about a very important question; can a single song be performance-enhancing for a runner?

The answer, according to Professor Costas Karageorghis from Brunel University, is undeniably yes. Professor Karageorghis has studied the impact that music has on performance for 25 years and is a world-leading expert on the psychology of music in exercise and sport. He believes that, for people who are recreationally active, listening to the right music can result in a 5% increase in running speed over a Half Marathon and a 10% reduction in perceived exertion.

This sparked the collaboration between The Running Channel, AIR:RUN, and music producersBrother Music, to create a dance-pop track titled Run With Me. This track was built using Professor Karageorghis’ scientific prescription and compositional analysis combining the ideal tempo, level of syncopation, instrumentation and harmonic progression with psychologically impactful lyrics to motivate the runner towards superior performance.

AIR:RUN is all about audio, with the event recently announcing their collaboration with expert audio coaching app Eastnine. This enables runners to use a brand new audio-running concept during their race. Runners will be able to listen to their own playlist whilst receiving technical information about the course, interesting facts about Richmond Park and encouragement to keep going throughout the race, all in order to help them achieve their goal.

Professor Costas Karageorghis is now consulting with the team at AIR:RUN to provide performance-enhancing audio before, during, and after the event.

Race director, Tom Bedford says “From the creation of AIR:RUN, we wanted to break boundaries and attempt something different. Our collaboration with Eastnine has brought about an original concept using technology and audio coaching during a race to motivate runners to achieve their goal. A real World First! We also wanted to look at how runners can use audio to enhance their performance in training so we reached out to Professor Costas Karageorghis who was influential in the ground-breaking mass-participation event ‘Run to the Beat’ back in the late noughties. Professor Costas Karageorghis has been working with elite runners at Brunel University London to improve athletic performance using audio and I believe that audio technology has caught up with his research and can now be implemented in mass participation running events.


Whether or not Run With Me is the ultimate running song will depend on the listener’s musical predilections, which is why AIR:RUN is all about runners running to their own beat. We look forward to working with Professor Costas Karageorghis further to educate runners on creating their own performance-enhancing playlists to capture psych-up, running and post-run recovery.“

“I’ve been passionate about music’s impact on people’s lives since I lived just above a second- hand record store as a child” says Karageorghis. “We have been able to show scientifically that the right music can improve many aspects of a runner’s performance through elevating their mood, synching music’s rhythmic qualities with their body’s movements, or distracting them from physical discomfort. Music is a powerful tool that any runner can take advantage of in their training or racing - imagine how much faster Eliud Kipchoge would have been able to run the marathon with the right soundtrack! I look forward to working on an exciting brand new event that fuses running and the very latest in music science.”

  • -  To watch how Run With Me was created, click here.

  • -  To listen to Run with Me on Spotify, click here.

  • -  To hear the sample and see a video explanation for Eastnine please click here.

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    Press Enquiries: Sarah Astin:


    AIR:RUN is a brand new 10k and Half-Marathon taking place on 31 May 2020 on fully closed roads inside Richmond Park. AIR stands for Audio Inspired Running. What makes AIR:RUN different to most other races is that they have chosen to “beat the ban” and actually allow headphones to be worn in the race for those who enjoy running to music.

    The AIR:RUN app will provide runners with:
    • Technical information about the course as they run
    • Interesting facts about Richmond Park.
    • Motivation and encouragement throughout the race.
    • A curated music playlist to enhance performance, coupled with their own music


    For more information visit:

    The Running Channel is a content brand and video publisher, led by their fast-growing YouTube channel. The team is passionate about running and providing runners from all over the world with a digital home that contains relatable, educational content.


Costas Karageorghis is a professor in sport and exercise psychology at Brunel University London and head of the Division of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences. Costas has established an international reputation for his research into the psychological, psychophysiological and neurophysiological effects of music. He is the author of two textbooks (both with Human Kinetics), 12 book chapters, 100 peer-reviewed journal articles and over 100 professional papers in sport and exercise psychology. He has first-authored two national expert statements on the use of music in exercise and delivered invited lectures all over the world, including at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

Eastnine is an audio coaching app designed to get you fit. Get fitter, run faster and tone up with expertly curated training plans that fit into your lifestyle and guide you each step of the way. Build healthy habits with tips from the Eastnine coaches and their community of members so you that you never break the fitness habit!

Brother Music is a team of talented music producers and filmmakers in Southeast London. For more information visit:

PRESS RELEASE: 11 October 2019


Fresh AIR has arrived to Richmond Park

The team behind Richmond RUNFEST are pleased to announce a brand new running concept hitting the roads inside Richmond Park on the 31st May 2020.

AIR:RUN will be a 10k and Half Marathon on fully closed roads and will be heavily linked with music and entertainment. AIR:RUN will be encouraging runners to bring their headphones to the event as they also connect with nature including the 630 wild deer in London’s largest Royal Park!

AIR stands for AUDIO INSPIRED RUNNING and the event will be announcing a new running concept and more details will follow soon. In the mean time runners can expect music zones on route and entertainment that moves with them!

Race Director Tom Bedford says “AIR:RUN has come about very quickly so we are gutted we cannot share the full details of this running concept but trust me when I say it will be worth the wait. What we have released today is a great course inside London’s most beautiful Royal Park. It’s all about getting out in the fresh air, getting fit, having fun, pushing yourself…

Running takes guts, determination, motivation, inspiration… that is why some many runners are mavericks at heart, including us!

So we wanted to break some rules and come up with a new event that will take running to a new level.

Now, most big runs ban participants from using headphones. It makes sense as they often share roads with all kinds of traffic. But we have Richmond Park to ourselves. No traffic. No danger. So we are going to push the boundaries and stand out compared with other running events out there.”

AIR:RUN is aiming to make a lot of noise in the mass participation market but in the sensitive natural environment of Richmond Park the music will all be in the technology. Runners will be encouraged to run to their own beat during the run and we are in talks with world-renowned scientists who specialise in performance enhancing music!

For runners who prefer the sound of their own footsteps, this event will offer them all the fun features of what happens down the road at the Richmond RUNFEST. In fact the runners favourite triangle medals will continue with AIR:RUN so runners can complete their ‘medal pie’ at this event.

Entries are now available at so sign up and join thousands of music loving runners around London’s largest Royal Park!

– End –

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Sarah Astin:




AIR:RUN is a brand new 10k, half marathon & kids event happening on the 31st May 2020.

This is the first ever half marathon to run on fully closed roads inside Richmond Park, South West London.

The team behind AIR:RUN is the same team that organises the sell out Richmond RUNFEST that takes place in Kew Gardens in September.

The team are looking for strategic partners who are interested in a music-loving running event, in particular music, media, tech and apparel partners.



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