Common Questions about Kew The Run

Here are some common questions that you may have.

If you have any questions that are not below please contact us and we will get back to you.

Q. How can I find my final instructions?

We have emailed them to the email you gave us but do check your SPAM/ JUNK folder as they sometimes end up there.

You can view final instructions here:


Q. Where is Kew The Run?

The event village and Start/Finish line will be at Kew Gardens on the Great Lawn. Please check read final instructions.

Q. When is Kew The Run?

1st April 2023 - Kew Gardens 10K

2nd April 2023 - Kew Gardens Half & Kew The Mile

Q. Where can I park?

Official event parking has sold out. Click here for more tips and useful websites.

Q. How much does it cost to enter?


  • Early Bird Entry [From 13th July 2022 - 11 Jan 2023 at 9am]:

Club Entry - £38 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£40.50) | Non Club Entry - £40 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£42.50)

  • Standard Entry [From 11 Jan 2023 at 9:01am - 8th March 2023 at 9am]:

Club Entry - £43 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£45.50) | Non Club Entry - £45 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£47.50)

  • Late Entry [From 8th March 2023 at 9:01am - 1st April at 5pm]:

Club Entry - £48 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£50.50) | Non Club Entry - £50 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£52.50)



  • Early Bird Entry [From 13th July 2022 - 11 Jan 2023 at 9am]:

Club Entry - £35 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£37.50) | Non Club Entry - £37 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£39.50)

  • Standard Entry [From 11 Jan 2023 at 9:01am - 8th March 2023 at 9am]:

Club Entry - £40 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£42.50) | Non Club Entry - £42 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£44.50)

  • Late Entry [From 8th March 2023 at 9:01am - 1st April at 5pm]:

Club Entry - £45 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£47.50) | Non Club Entry - £47 plus £2.50 Transaction fee (£49.50)

Members of British Athletics running clubs receive an additional £2 off entries.

Spectator Free Entry: 

  • For the Saturday 10k: Spectators must arrive before 08:15am in order to gain free entrance into Kew Gardens. 
  • For the Sunday Half Marathon, Spectators can enter for free as long as they arrive before 12pm. This allows them to enter early to watch the runners start at 08:30, leave, and then re-enter before midday. 

Please note: the only gate open to runners and spectators will be Brentford Gate, this information will all be in the final instructions which will go out to all runners prior to race weekend! 

Your entry enables you to bring 2 adults and 2 children as well as yourself. 

Q. Can I enter the race and still raise money for a charity that is not an official charity?

Yes, you can run for any cause of your choice. Once you have your place you can contact that charity direct.

Q. Do I have to fundraise or can I just run for fun?

No you do not have to fundraise. If you enter through a Public Entry place you do not have to fundraise, however many runners do and enjoy this experience.

Q. Can I get a refund or defer my place to the following year?

Race entries are NOT TRANSFERABLE and NON-DEFERABLE. We do not permit a change of race number. A full refund will only be offered within 14 days of payment. After this there will be NO REFUNDS, DEFERRALS TO NEXT YEAR OR TRANSFERS TO ANOTHER RUNNER.


Q. Where can I leave my bags/ clothes?

Our friendly baggage team will be waiting for you to collect your baggage. Please provide your own bags.

Q. Can supporters and family see me in Kew Gardens for free?

ABSOLUTELY! Your race entry includes free entry into Kew Gardens for 2 adults and 2 children, as long as they have entered before 08:30am. 

Q. Can I see a course map?

Please go to either Kew Gardens 10K course map or Kew Gardens half course map

Q. Is the race chip timed?

Yes, using ipico timing chips. 

Q. Where do I place my race number (bib)?

This must be worn on your chest.

Q. Can I give my number to a friend to run?

Sorry, this goes against our health and safety regulations and breaks our public liability insurance. We are responsible for our registered runners only and require emergency information incase something happens.

Q. Can my dog/pram run with me?

Sadly no, we follow the same rules as British Athletics and therefore I am afraid we will not be able to allow prams/dogs in the races.

Q. Is this race on closed roads?

The new Kew Gardens 10k is a fully road closed race running round the beautiful Kew Gardens. The Kew Gardens Half Marathon is on multi-terrain paths.

Q. Can I run with headphones?

Kew Gardens 10K = yes you can run with headphones.

Kew Gardens Half Marathon - Sadly no (in-ear headphones) as it isn't all inside Kew Gardens. Runbritain rules, not ours. However, you can use bone conduction headphones.

Q. Will there be pace makers?

Yes there will be. Information will be in your race instructions.

Q. How can I find out what personal information you may hold on me?

Please contact us via our website or call our office and we will be able to assist you.

For more information on our privacy policy please click here.

Q. Is the course measured and can it be used for London Marathon Good for age?

All courses have been measured by Olympic Games measurer Hugh Jones on behalf Association of UK Course Measurers

The closed road course is valid for British or World records and the time can be used for London Marathon 'good for age' entry requirements. 

Our event is run under RUNBRITAIN rules. 

Q. Can wheelchair users take part in this event?

There is no health & safety reason permitting wheelchair users, however due to this being a slightly windy (although pancake flat) course, we advise you contact us first so we can allocate you a less busy start time and provide parking information. For more information please email: and we will advise you before you register.

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